Pre-school Olympics

With Olympic fever reaching everyone over the past few weeks, Winford Village Pre-school children were no exception and were all ready to put in a dazzling performance for the spectators during their annual sports day.Scheduled to take place on the last week of term it allowed the children as long as possible to reach their peak levels of fitness, and on the day, without a hint of nerves, each child tried their very best competing in a variety of events making all the parents in attendance very proud of their achievements.

From flat running races to obstacle courses, the sedate balance beam to the ever hectic and very enjoyable welling throwing competition the children were put through their paces trying out new found skills. To draw the mornings games to a close, the children turned the tables and put their parents in the spotlight with the ever popular mums and dads race. After the games and laughter subsided, all the children relaxed with a much deserved ice lolly while medals were handed out to each child.

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