Billy The Bear

Here is Billy visiting the Angel carving at the entrance to St Katharine's Church, Felton

Meet Billy, the hairiest and quite possibly the cuddliest member of pre-school.

Billy, for those who haven’t met him yet, is a clean, well behaved little teddy bear that likes going on adventures with the children and meeting their families. Billy comes fully equipped for these outings with his own rucksack and diary!

Each child will get a chance to invite Billy to come and spend a few days at home with them experiencing the fun things they like to do. His diary allows the children to draw pictures, take photos or write about their adventures (such as going for a walk, swimming, making cakes or going on a day trip out) which can then be shared with the rest of the children on his return to pre-school.

Billy is already a very well travelled bear (even travelling as far as Lanzarotte!) and has met many new friends on the way. We are sure you will find him an adorable addition to your family for the few days he is with you.

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